Who We Are

The Ask Mum community was created for Moms, by Moms. We provide a supportive environment for Mamas to connect, and find community. We host virtual and in-person events for Moms so that they feel less alone in their parenting journey. We also showcase the best products & services for all things Mum, Baby and Little - specific to your location. We do the research so that busy Mums don't have to!

About Us

Mandi Berghorst, the Founder of Ask Mum, is passionate about community, motherhood and efficiency. Creating a space where busy Mums can come to find solutions and a way to make their lives easier – but also facilitating a community of Mums, a Mama Tribe, is an absolute dream come true.

Ask Mum serves the local community in two ways:

  • Making Mums’ busy lives easier by allowing them to browse the best quality products and services for all things Mum, Baby and Toddler – specific to location. The Directory will be live from May 2019. We also share relevant content relating to this specific life stage on our blog, as well as Saskatoon specific articles.
  • We connect Mums to local businesses and local businesses to Mums. We have created a way for local businesses to get in front of the Saskatoon Mom community, showcasing their exceptional and local products and services.

For more information about how we began and where we come from, view the Our Story page.