Our Top Tips and Tricks to Survive (and even Thrive) this Solo Parenting gig

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Parenting is tough on the best of days, and when you solo parent for a short time or for a long season – it is no joke! I have personal experience with solo parenting over the last few years, and I have chatted to many mamas about their solo parenting challenges, advice, tips and tricks that they’ve learnt along the way – and I thought it was time to share this with you mamas. Some themes definitely emerged but it’s also clear that every mama faces her own challenges during solo parenting phases, and some things come much easier to some.


Some common challenges definitely emerged – Loneliness, Drowning in mess, chaos and sometimes anxiety, Battling to juggle everything, Feeling like a failure or a bad Mom, Utter exhaustion and brain fog. I hope that our top tips and tricks help some mamas who may be in this season too (there sure are a lot of you in Saskatoon that I’ve been chatting to), and are looking for ways to cope a bit better with this life stage.


Ask for Help

Planning meals, school drop-off, breastfeeding the baby, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, oh and trying to play with the kids and keeping yourself showered and fed and happy too?! This sounds impossible but why do we think that we should tackle all of this alone, without help? Because we are strong mamas and we want to cope? We want to do it alone? I’m saying enough is enough to this.

As a mama, asking for help is quite a struggle (for most) – I know for me it’s not something I do. Like ever. Until recently actually. I’ve been working on this very thing for years now. It took moving away to a completely different continent and culture with no family and very close friends or major support system, being pregnant at the time then birthing my second baby, and adjusting to two under 3 years old all while traveling a lot together as a family and solo parenting. But I’m here now and I am finding it easier to not only ask for help, but ACCEPT it and to stop feeling guilty about it. Here’s a practical takeaway if you’re wired like that – Make a list of what is making solo parenting impossible or difficult for you, Now think of who you need to ask for help to make things better. And here’s the trick – accept it and try your best to not feel guilty (I know how hard it is mama)!

The most common things that mamas are asking for help with are:

1. House Cleaning

If you are drowning in laundry, mess and chaos – your mind will not be in the best mental state. If you can, try get some help with this – even a once-off clean to try help you catch up. This is something I have only recently done and it helped a lot! When my husband got home from his most recent trip, we were all able to enjoy the weekend together before his next trip and not worry about all pitching in to try get the house clean or at least livable (gasp!). If you aren’t able to get a cleaner in to help you, perhaps you could ask a friend or family member to watch your kids for a few hours so that you can focus on the house work? Some local cleaning companies to consider: A & C Detail, Exquisitely Clean Service, Go2Girls, Handy Housewives, Home Dynamics Housekeeping, The Cleaning Fairy, Tidy Time Saver. I can personally recommend Home Dynamics Housekeeping, and I will be trying out Go2Girls soon too.

Oh, and side-note. If you have a cleaning service help you, please don’t keep this a secret. If someone comments on your home and how immaculate it is, and how they are drowning in mess and can’t cope but other mamas seem to ‘have it together’, PLEASE tell them that you get help.

While chatting to mamas over the last while about solo parenting, it’s obvious that people are asking for help. Why do we try hide it? Can we start telling people more that we get help? Maybe a mama won’t feel so inadequate?

2. Babysitting/ Daycare

If you feel overwhelmed and need some time with the baby, it’s alright to see if someone can help you with your other children. There are Moms out there getting help, you can too.

3. Grocery and Meal Preparation

Grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation are some of the hardest things to find time for (but one of the most important things to have organised). Ordering my groceries online and collecting them has been one of the biggest life savers for me lately. I use Independent Grocers (pick up) and have had an incredible experience. Most mamas are using: Save on Foods and Superstore. If you aren’t managing with the meal prep, why not try HelloFresh or use SkipTheDishes one or two evenings per week?


Make some time for just you

This seems impossible, especially with small children and/ babies, but it doesn’t have to be a long period of time, but it must be scheduled and made a priority. Some examples could be: 20 – 30 minutes of movement (yoga or pilates or exercise program at home), reading a book before bed, a bath alone, a glass of wine or a cup of tea or some chocolate once the kids are in bed, doing some journalling, watching some Netflix. Anything. Whatever you enjoy doing to relax and whatever makes you feel like yourself, do it.


Get in Community

The idea of Moms supporting Moms is more important than we think. If you don’t have a mama tribe or some mom friends in your area that you can just call for anything, it’s time you put yourself out there and joined a mommy class. Our city has so much to offer when it comes to mom meet-ups and classes. Not all are paid for to attend, some groups are free and have an open door policy. If you are looking for a group and a way to make some mommy friends, send us a message and we will help.

You need your mom friends who will support you during this time but also help you remember to not feel sorry for yourself. That you still need to live in the present, and that if you are just trying to survive the whole time, you will miss out on what’s right in front of you. These beautiful moments that are fleeting. Let’s grab hold of them and treasure what we have, even in the crazy season we are in.


Be Positive

Re-iterating the sentiments above – this season is hard. One Mum said “The days fly by but the evenings (and weekends) alone are long”. There will be many days that you won’t feel positive and it will be hard. Your mind is strong and you can do this. Also, if your mind is positive, you will find that you will cope more and you will see joy in this season. I know you can lean into it mama. Lean on your Mom Squad!



There are certain things that are impossible to control with young children. When possible, try stick to your non-negotiable routines. Bedtime to me is sacred. I have a strict schedule when it comes to my kids bedtime. Yes there are times when we are chilled and certain plans change things up a bit, but for the most part, we have an order of how we do things and a bed time for both kids. This means that if all goes well, I will be sitting down relaxing and having my me time by 7:30 the latest and I love that. The evenings are mine! And I need them – they have become sacred to me. If you have older kids who attend school or if you need to pack snacks or lunches for them, most moms say that this meal prep is best done the night before so that the morning routine isn’t chaotic. A practical guideline: Make a list of everything that needs to get done per day in your household or for activities etc, and plan out your routine.


Get out the house with the kids

We have fantastic programs in our city, and a lot of them are free! Our Libraries offer incredible programs that you can attend – Story Time, Dance parties. We love going to the library to get out some books and for the kids to play. Most of the libraries have toys and let’s be honest, other people’s toys are always more exciting than their own! Win! Now that it’s summer, a spray park or paddling pool or outdoor pool visit is an easy fun activity. Go for a walk, meet a mama friend for a playdate – just get out. One mama said that she tries to keep activities to a minimum because a very full day is stressful on her and the kids. Know yourself and your kids, and do what’s best for you. Be kind to yourself and your family.


Try not to blame your spouse

This is something that took me a while to learn and put into practice. We still have our little jokes but I always try to be careful that it’s still funny and doesn’t become hurtful. We all have our roles and at the moment my husband is working hard out the home, and I am working hard in the home. His job is super important and allows us to have our lifestyle and plan for an amazing future. Sometimes it’s tough to not be resentful (like my husband is off to NYC soon and not taking us with him – rude!), but it’s very important for your marriage and for your kids for you to talk through the emotions and to get on the same page – whatever that looks like. One mama said “Don’t hold it against your partner for being away – it’s hard for them too.” Wisdom right there. They are potentially missing birthdays, first steps, first words, and day-to-day life. I am so thankful that I am on this end, and I wouldn’t want to trade places!


Try your best & Do what you can

Mama, I feel you. My house has never looked worse than when I had tiny babies and all I did was breastfeed, and when I’m solo parenting. One of the mamas I spoke to mentioned that she just ‘does what she can’. Try your best and get done what can get done. Um, I instantly felt the pressure leave me when I heard this. It’s not my husband who puts pressure on me, it’s not even society (I don’t usually listen to the voices or opinions of society anyways). It’s me. I’m my own worst enemy. Be kind to yourself. Just do what you can.


Connect with Daddy

We make sure we Facetime Daddy at least once every two days when he’s away. With the time difference and work demands, and the kids schedules, sometimes this is difficult, but it’s so important to find time for connection. For Daddy, you and the kids.


How are your kids doing? Have they been fed today, do they seem happy (mostly)? Are they loved? I don’t know you, but I am pretty sure you answered YES OF COURSE to these questions. Okay, so you’re totally rocking this Mom thing, during this challenging time. Go you!

Our Fav Mommy Bloggers and Influencers in Saskatoon

Untitled design (11).png

We love that as mamas and as women, we can have our own style, opinions, personalities and dreams. One thing is for sure, the Mommy bloggers and influencers in Saskatoon are full of different flavours and we so enjoy following their journey’s. We wanted to introduce you to some of the mamas we have been following along with for a while now:

ErikaAnne (@erika.aanne)

Hey friends! My name is Erika, I’m 28, wife to Nic, and mama to Nate (4) Bea (2.5) and Theo (7 months). We farm just outside of Saskatoon and enjoy small town living. I am a small business owner which includes lash artistry and a small ice cream shop that I run through spring and summer. On my Instagram page you will find photos of family life, home decor, food, fashion and products that I love and use! Please feel free to follow along with me as I go through this crazy life!




Brooke (@brookebullochrd)

Brooke is a Dietitian & CEO @foodtofit_nutrition where she’s an advocate for body acceptance, fat acceptance, and finding your best health (including having healthy relationships with food, movement, and your body) regardless of size. Brooke is a Mum to little Fletcher who recently turned one! She is often in the kitchen guiding us mamas on how to introduce solids to your baby, and giving us tips on what kind of meals and snacks to prepare for your growing toddler. You’ll find her debunking myths about weight loss dieting and sharing #realtalk lifestyle and mom moments. We love how genuine and gentle she is, and we’ve enjoyed getting to know this mama online.




Danielle (@danielle.nico1e)

We so enjoy following this Mama! She is real about her motherhood journey, she’s a true small shop supporter and ambassador for many of our local businesses, and she’s an amazing Mum to her two littles – Emma and Brielle. She is also super busy as she works as a hairdresser, and generates such beautiful content for all of us to enjoy, all while often solo parenting when her partner is away for work. Her insta feed is absolutely gorgeous and you can tell this mama is a girl mama all the way! For a peek into her life, be sure to follow along with Danielle and her girls.




Erin (@thewritingmommalife)

Meet Erin! She’s a Saskie gal who gives us a glimpse into her every day life, where she tries to fill her world with moments of gratitude. In her words, she posts about the good, the bad, the boring and the awesome, and we love following along while this mama to Anthony experiences her motherhood journey. She believes in #realtalk, mom support and finding your village; and writing, travel, coffee and wine are some of her favourite things.

Erin has a blog (( where she writes about everything – from her travel experiences, toddler craft ideas and activities, to ditching the mom guilt, her thoughts on screen time and being real in motherhood. Go show this mama some support!




Jen (@jenboyko)

Jen is a Mama to beautiful Ava, and her instagram feed gives us all the feels. She is an ambassador over at @cravingsmbk and we always look forward to her weekly takeovers. She is a part time working Mama, and one of the fabulous Mommy Blogger’s of Babies, Besties & Bubbly (, where she shares on topics like travelling with kids, hosting a baby shower, self care, bedroom design and reveals, organising your home, fashion and so much more! Join her family’s every day adventures and travelling escapades!




Jordan (@mrs.j.westgard)

Hello! My name is Jordan and I spend the majority of my time chasing my sassy-pants daughter, Blake. My life is raw, unfiltered and definitely not staged! If you’re looking for a fellow mama who just tries to ‘fake it ’til you make it’, then I’m your gal.

If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that it TAKES.A.VILLAGE! Sometimes that means asking family and friends for help, sometimes it means being part of a local mommy community like Ask Mum, with a huge variety of resources at your fingertips!

Follow along for an insider view of the world’s most terrible temper tantrums, coping with PPD and PPA, and seeing just how many mini eggs a person can actually eat in one lifetime. Hang in there, mamas, we got this!




Julie (@kennedy_household)

Hey fellow mamas! I’m Julie and I am a born and raised Saskatoon gal. I’ve been married for almost 14 years and we have 3 beautiful boys. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be a boy mom. Yet here I am and I know it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m loving every minute of it.

We began a journey of health & wellness 4 years ago when one of our boys got incredibly sick. What I didn’t realize when we started this process of healing him that it would take us on an incredible journey. Meeting fabulous women through social media. Creating friendships because like minded mamas met up for coffee. Being able to empower moms. Witnessing them become their strongest most confident selves. I love being able to support and uplift fellow moms. We need the biggest tribe that we can have.

Being on social media has given me the opportunity to meet some pretty incredible and powerful women. This YXE community is so amazing. I can’t wait to meet you one day!




Kelsi (@kelsikendel)

Kelsi Kendel is a local Saskatoon motherhood and lifestyle blogger. She began blogging over 5 years ago with Our Collective Muse, and then moved on to launch her personal blog last summer. She is a mom of two- her son Luca is 6 months old and her daughter Bella is almost 3! Kelsi is currently on maternity leave but works as a speech-language pathologist, specializing in paediatric feeding disorders. Follow @kelsikendel for daily fashion, home, and motherhood inspo!




Maygen (@sneaksandlipstick)

Blogger Maygen Kardash journals her life as a mom on Sneakers & Lipstick, which sometimes means you get helpful information like the A-Z list of birthday party locations and entertainers in Saskatoon and other times, your heartstrings get a tug with an honest essay. Maygen is also a wardrobe stylist by trade, having worked for over a decade in television, on music videos, for print ads, and doing personal consults so there’s a dose of style in the content, too. She is also passionate about reducing waste, her delicious vegetarian diet, Saskatoon, and the people who make the community tick. Follow along at




Meredith (@meredith_deanne)

My name is Meredith and I’m a Saskatchewan mama, teacher, and influencer. I’m currently on mat-leave with my fourth baby, and have become an advocate to raise awareness for CHD. I also love to travel, and as a family we had lots of opportunities to spend time working and living in other countries before settling here in SK.

As a family we are passionate about spending quality time together and exploring the world around us, wherever we are. Additionally, I blog about lifestyle, home decor, fashion, travel, and motherhood on my blog I also love connecting with others through Instagram, and a new collaborative page I started with two other mamas, @sk_creative_co.

Recently, I began hosting local Social Media Workshops to help others grow their online presence and network with one another. My favourite part about social media is the real life connections that can be formed, and the strong community of women supporting women; I’m excited to be featured here on @askmumsaskatoon!




Nicole (@nicolebuhler)

Hi! My name is Nicole, I’m a Saskatoon based photographer and content creator. I have been married to my husband Dave for almost 7 years and we have a 5 month old daughter named Olivia and a 2 year old son named Noah. I love to share about fashion, mom life, and different places and products. We love to travel and support local businesses and restaurants. We also love to go for walks to the coffee shop. My love of photography has turned into a love of marketing for brands and companies I am passionate about!




Sam (@sleepless.homemaker)

My name is Samantha but I go by Sam, and I’m a mama to 2 sweet girls. I love Jesus so you’ll see a whole lot of that here on Insta, I’m a huge advocate for mental health and body positivity, I love thrifting and DIY stuff and I love all things plants, gardening and home! Thanks for following along!




Yessenia (@theblockfarmhouse)

Yessenia is a Wife, Momma and Blogger, and has a beautiful insta feed where she captures her family’s every day moments. Yessenia is one of our fav @milkinmore ambassadors, and we love following her takeovers and her every day life insta stories. She’s a local mama, witty and super stylish and has a love for all things decor and fashion. We love her try-on sessions, and this mama rocks a kimono like no other! Yessenia is one of the blogging mamas part of the @babiesbestiesbubbly crew, where she shares on topics like potty training your toddler, her water birth experience, home reveals, party planning and much more.





What to do with young children over Spring break in Saskatoon



Easter weekend is over, and you may be wondering how to keep the littles entertained this week over Spring break. Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our top picks:


1. April Movie Break

When: Monday the 22nd April – Friday the 26th April
Where: Landmark Cinemas

Cost: $3

It’s April Movie Break at Landmark Cinemas, and the whole family can save big with $3 movies this week. What’s more is that $1 from every $3 admission goes towards supporting Kids Help Phone. This is truly “Movie going that does some good.”

For more details click here.


2. Spring Break Activities at Indigo

When: Monday the 22nd April – Friday 26th April at 11AM (be sure to confirm this with your local store)

Where: Indigo Chapters stores

Cost: Free

Monday: Arts & Crafts Day (Ages 4+) / Tuesday: Collectors Club (Ages 6+) / Wednesday: What Will You Build? (Ages 5+) / Thursday: Arts & Crafts (Ages 5+) / Friday: Preschool Pals (Ages 3 – 6)

*Please be sure to call your local store and confirm the activity lineup and times before arrival, to avoid disappointment.


3. Saskatoon Public Library Activities

When: Spring break week

Where: Libraries across Saskatoon

Cost: Free

There are always so many events happening across our city, in the many different library locations. This Spring break there are the following activities happening: Baby Story time, Family Story time, Family Dance Parties, A Dragon’s Den Puppet Program and more. To see which event you’d like to attend first, take a peek here.


4. Creature Feature Drop-In Program

When: Tuesday the 23rd April (11am – 4pm)

Where: Saskatoon Forestry Farm & Zoo

Cost: Free with Zoo admission

Your children will be able to meet Georgia the Porcupine, see and learn more about the Meerkats, Monkeys and Cougars, meet a Python or the Lizards. Find out more by clicking here.


5. Try a Salsa babies class

When: Tuesday the 23rd April at 2pm or Thursday 25th April at 11am

Where: Saskatoon Farmers Market

Cost: Free TRIAL session OR register here.

Email Tanya at to book your free trial session this week only.


6. Safari Jeff at Lawson Heights

When: Wednesday the 24th April – Saturday the 27th April

Where: Lawson Heights Mall

Cost: Free

Safari Jeff and your “animology” adventure starts here. Wednesday 11am / 1pm, Thursday 11am / 1pm, Friday 11am / 1pm / 6pm, Saturday 11am. For more information click here.


7. Lost & Found at Wide Open Children’s Theatre

When: Saturday the 27th April at 11am / Sunday the 28th April at 11am & 2pm.

Where: 609 Dufferine Avenue

Cost: $10 – $15

For more information, view details here.


8. Home Depot Workshop classes

When: Various days and times depending on your local store.

Where: Various stories across the city.

Home Depot offers free workshops and classes over Spring break. Visit or call your local store for more information.


Let us know what you and your kiddos get up to, by tagging us on Instagram 🙂 Have a great family fun break!



Ask Mum


What to do with kids this Easter weekend in Saskatoon

easter weekend 2019 in saskatoon

2019 is sure off to a fast start, and I cannot believe that Easter weekend is nearly here! We wanted to share a few things that you could get out and do with your kids this weekend in Saskatoon. Let us know what you plan on doing, or tag us on Instagram showing us what you got up to.

1. Geocaching Easter Egg Hunt in Martensville

When: April the 19th – 26th.

Where: Martensville

I kid you not, this is a real live treasure hunt around Martensville. Use GPS co-ordinates to find hidden eggs around the community. Each egg will contain the new co-ordinates and clue for the next location. The Grand Prize will be announced on the 26th April. More information here.

2. Celebrate Easter at Lawson Heights Mall

When: Friday the 19th April and Saturday the 20th April

Where: Lawson Heights Mall (134 Primrose Drive)

What’s happening? Well, what isn’t happening at Lawson Heights this weekend! They have a jam-packed weekend planned starting on Friday with the Easter Bunny making appearances from 11:30am – 1:30pm and 2:30 – 4:30pm. A Petting Zoo will be available from 11am – 5pm, AND Belle (from 12 – 1pm) and Aurora (from 1 – 2pm) are coming to say hi! Then on Saturday the fun continues, with the Easter Bunny from 11:30am – 1:30pm and 2:30 – 4:30pm, the Petting Zoo from 9:30am – 6pm AND so many in store guest appearances (Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, Ariel). There is also a Scavenger Hunt (sheets available at King’s Castle). For more information, head to the Lawson Heights Mall or King’s Castle Designs & Events Facebook pages.

3. Have a Picture with the Easter Bunny at Market Mall

When: Friday the 19th April and Saturday the 20th April

Where: Market Mall (2325 Preston Avenue South)

Make a memory and kick off the weekend with some Easter cheer – bring the kids to meet the Easter Bunny and take a picture on Friday from 11am – 5pm, and on Saturday from 10am – 6pm.

4. The Saskatoon Farmers Market Easter Egg Hunt

When: Saturday the 20th April from 12pm

Where: Saskatoon Farmers Market (414 Avenue B South)

Children must find the farmer with the bunny ears and choose one egg from the basket. In each egg, there will be a clue which you need to solve! Once you find the vendor, you receive your prize! The event runs from 12 – 1pm, while quantities last (so get there early and browse around)!

5. Ashworth Holmes Park is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt

When: Saturday the 20th April from 10am – 2pm

Where: Ashworth Holmes Park (Avenue D N)

There will be Pony Rides and a Petting Zoo (weather permitting), as well as goodies and beverages available. Over one thousand candy-filled Easter eggs will be hidden all over the park! That’s a lot of eggs! Remember to register your kids and all proceeds are going to a local charity. More information here.

6. Easter at the Berry Barn

When: Sunday the 21st April

Where: The Berry Barn (830 Valley Road)

Come along for the Buffet from 9am – 3pm or the Plated option from 4pm. Reservations required and spaces fill up fast so don’t delay. More information here.

7. The Easter Brunch Buffet at The German Cultural Centre

When: Sunday the 21st April from 10am – 2pm

Where: German Cultural Centre (160 Cartwright Street East)

Bring your family along for a memorable meal together. Reservations required. More information here.


There are also Library Story Times (various library locations across the city), a Preschool Dance Party (various library locations across the city), Family Favourites at Cineplex Cinemas ($3 movies for the whole family), Story and Craft time (hosted at Indigo), and the Draggin’s Annual Car Show this weekend. If you need any information on these events, comment and let us know!


Have a wonderful Easter, from us over at Ask Mum.


Ditching the Guilt after a Hard Mom’ing day


We had a hard day today. Ever been there? When your patience level is low and the kids seem a bit too loud and energetic? Um, if you answered no to this, I am not quite sure we can be friends 😉 But seriously, which Mom hasn’t been there?! I believe that Moms have the most high-capacity job in the world. It does not matter if you are staying home, working part-time or full-time. A Mother is a Mother. And our job is hard!


This is probably the time when you expect me to say, the days are long but the years are short. No, I am not that Mom. I am here to tell you that it’s okay to not be okay. You are the best Mom to the little/s that you’ve been entrusted with, and I believe that it is a true calling. We fail, we fall, we breakdown, we mess up, we have bad days. BUT, we have major wins, breakthroughs, many cuddles, and moments where we know that our littles adore us and feel the safest with us. Yes, motherhood is real and raw and absolutely mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting, but we are in it together and it’s okay to have bad days, weeks, months and moments.


I had a tough Mom day today. Tantrums, missed naps, a lack of patience and the list goes on. The house is a wreck… and so am I. To top it off, someone in the parking lot thought it was appropriate to write ‘Learn to Park’ with permanent marker on my hired vehicle! Fun times. If you are wondering how awful my parking was, it was not that bad – completely in the lines but a little skew to one side for sure. Who cares? What happened to a note on a piece of paper or perhaps deciding to make use of another parking stall? I digress….


My day wasn’t ideal and I long for tomorrow. A reset. For now, I shall sip champers and eat chocolate all while binge watching Hart of Dixie or Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’m skipping the mom guilt right now and being okay with the fact that today I wouldn’t have won the Mom Award. My kids are just fine. More than fine actually. They are loved, and happy, and well-fed (how many snacks can one toddler eat?), and can I repeat that they are SO LOVED. And they know it. What more is expected of us as Mamas? Let’s love our kiddos hard and be okay with having less than glamours days. We’re in this together right? Message a Mama right now and tell her she’s doing a great job just by showing up for her family day in and day out, in the hardest gig in the world.


How do we create a culture of ditching that Mom guilt?

  1. Be okay with experiencing real motherhood – the highs and the lows. Not everyone’s life is as beautiful as an Instagram feed. Let’s understand that bad days happen, and we will move forward and get up again. Let’s be honest about our life and be okay that we are sometimes just not okay.
  2. Don’t create unnecessarily high expectations for every outing and adventure. When we realise that some things are just out of our hands and that our kids sometimes feel sad and grumpy (just like us), we take the pressure off.
  3. Stop comparing. Everyone’s life is different. Let’s embrace our uniqueness and our family’s quirkiness or quietness or inside jokes, and get over trying to compete with other Mums who seem to “have it all” on social media. Um, they don’t. No Mother truly has their **** together.
  4. Stop criticizing yourself and the way you choose to “Mom” in the moments and look at the big picture. I see you Mama. I know you’re amazing. You needed to hear that today. You are doing WOW and you should be super proud. I am proud. Of you and of me.
  5. Self care. Buzz word? Maybe. But it’s a great movement that allows us Mamas to do things that we love and makes us feel normal and maybe even a bit in control. Let’s embrace looking after ourselves and doing what we love. We deserve it and then some. We are raising little beings who sometimes present themselves in true animalistic form.


Now let’s get out there and keep Mommy’ing hard. You’ve got this girl.


Much love,



Top things to do with young children in Saskatoon

How to stay focused and productive

Now that Saskatoon has been enjoying some Spring vibes, we thought it was time to start dreaming of summer holidays. We love getting out and about making memories with our kiddos – no matter the weather – but particularly when it’s warmer. Here are some go to kid-friendly adventures if you need some inspiration in the coming weeks and months:

Educational and Fun Activities

The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo is a must for the whole family. You can spend the day at the Zoo, or if you’re on a budget you can even pack a picnic and enjoy some time in the park by the pond, let the children play on the awesome playground and then head for a family walk through the grounds. There is so much to do for the whole family! The Zoo playground is also a big hit for the kids, as you head through a tunnel to find the play area. The Western Development Museum (WDM), Remai Modern and Wanuskewin Heritage Park are some other day outings perfect for stimulating your kiddos minds, while having a load of family fun too.

The Nutrien WONDERHUB (Children’s Science Museum) launches in June this year, and is no doubt going to be a fun and educational place for our littles all-year round. View the opening information and dates here.

Take your kiddos to your local library to read, look at the books, play in the children’s area or attend a Story Time, or one of their awesome events. For more information and details, check out the calendar online.

Spray Pads, Paddling Pools, Outdoor Pools

Our city is in no shortage of places to cool off. Pack a picnic and head to a Spray pad or pool with your littles. More information on opening dates and where to go right here!


The Meewasin trail is a must for all families with young children. Spend time having a picnic or taking a short walk exploring, collecting leaves, stones and pinecones. Grab some popcorn, a hotdog, some lemonade and an ice-cream from the Bus Stop Refreshments (421 21st St E) and relax with a view of our beautiful river!

Parks and Lakes

Nutrien Playland at Kinsmen Park – start with a train ride and then hop on the ferris wheel. End off your adventure with a play at the playground. The spray park and sandpit area are a must! There are numerous play parks throughout the city and in all neighbourhoods too – take your pick.

Pike Lake Provincial Park is a family favourite – head to the beach, relax and take in some rays, and end your day by swimming in the outdoor pool (complete with a waterslide).

Indoor Areas

We make use of indoor play areas all-year round as my kiddos have firm favourites – Flynn’s Forest, Learn and Play Cafe and the Stoked Centre (the bouncy castles for younger kids) based at Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre. The Leisure Centres across the city have so much to offer, and the indoor pools and play areas are a big hit with the littles! The Soccer Centre hosts an indoor playgroup with two fully enclosed fields full of toys & riding cars for preschoolers & babies.

Mommy Classes

Connecting with other Mums, and letting our littles play with other kids their age is really important to us.

Little Hands and Me have Salsa babies, Salsa Tots and Baby Sign classes – find all the information here. Tanya believes that this time of our lives should be remembered forever and we couldn’t agree more. Plan to head out the house and connect with other Moms in a similar life stage in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. Classes are filling up for Spring – so register now.

Hailey from Hailey the Doula and Tanya from Little Hands and Me are hosting a Blessed not Stressed Moms Cafe starting the 18th April – it’s a weekly afternoon meet-up filled with coffee, connection and community.

Mommy Connections Saskatoon has a variety of classes for Mum, Baby and Toddler. Find your village and sign up for the next batch of classes today – click here.

Did we miss anything? Comment and let us know 🙂

WIN with Modern Closet YXE


We have partnered with Modern Closet YXE to bring you something very exciting, something that even Mari Kondo would be impressed by 😉


Modern Closet Saskatoon has over ten years experience creating custom storage solutions.

Our goal is to team up with you to create functional and beautiful organization solutions to compliment any home – big or small.


There are no limits to what you can create, from a simple ‘traditional closet’ upgrade to a full walk-in solution. Modern Closet offers products for closets, kitchens, home offices, utility spaces, garages and daybeds. The systems offered include combinations of cabinetry, drawers, shelves, baskets, hampers and more.

Having an organized home means less time cleaning and more time to do the things you love and get the most out of your home.

Like what you see? One lucky mama will win a $300 gift certificate to be used towards a new Modern Closet custom system!


Head on over to our Instagram page ( OR to our Facebook page ( and view the competition post for details.

Get in Touch with Modern Closet YXE:




Phone: (306) 291-5191


Introducing Ask Mum

Hello there

We are so glad you’ve joined us, and we are excited to share our heart for this platform. Our goal is to become the go to online platform for busy Mums; a one-stop shop showcasing the best products and services for all things Mum, Baby and Toddler. And the best part? It’s specific to your location. You’re welcome 😉 

Where are we based?

At the moment we have launched the brand in Saskatoon (Canada) and we cannot wait to grow with our communities and launch new directories across Canada and beyond. 

Our aim

Mums are the busiest people out there, and we are happy to help calm the crazy just a little bit. We work with amazing local businesses to make sure that we are offering Mums only the best in terms of product and services, and our list of businesses is growing daily.

Our directory will be live in the coming months on this online platform. On the completed online platform you will be able to browse through the local businesses and what they have to offer (directory), read blog articles relating to both Mum-relevant material and product and service or local business features, peruse the review and giveaway information, and much much more. Oh, we are a little bit too eager to get going!

Thank you for being part of this community – to the Mums and local businesses who support us – we can’t wait to see how this Mum Tribe blossoms. Here’s to the future 🙂



Ask Mum